A drawing is more than a photo. It has the imprint of a person’s feelings, mine. All my drawings come from my heart, they tell a story. All of my drawings are unique and made with care, lots of working hours and premium quality supplies to make them stand the test of time and be permanent.

For custom drawings, you don’t have to have a specific idea, it’s enough if you want to see a feeling on paper.  I’d be happy to help you design a unique, creative artwork. Delivery is free in Europe. The drawing comes with a certificate of authenticity and a drawing care. The frame is not included in the price, but can be requested based on discussion. In this case, framing and shipping is an extra cost. The accurate prices depends on the size and the delivery address. The cost of any local fees/taxes of the destination country and international import duties are not included in the price.

Order process:

The first phase is the design. If there are no specifics, I can design based on an idea. Anything can be changed here. The focus is to create the image that the customer wants to see on paper. As soon as we have agreed on the finished visual design, which is a detailed digital sketch (photo or photo manipulation of what the final drawing will look like), a deposit needs to be paid, which is 10% of the total purchase price. This will secure the order. The deposit can be reclaimed until the start of the work, at which point the order can still be canceled. I will notify the customer by e-mail as soon as I start the drawing. From that point, it cannot be refunded or canceled. When the drawing is finished, I will send a photo of the finished drawing, and after the remaining amount is transferred, I ship the drawing.

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