About me

My name is Adrienn F.K., I live in Hungary. I have been writing and drawing since I was a little child, which has now grown into a business. These two activities are real vocations for me. I like it because I can create something that didn’t exist before, and in addition, each new creation carries a new challenge, a kind of difficulty, to which I jump with joy every single day.

I didn’t go to art school; I learned completely by myself. With the help of books and videos, I really believed that one day I could put my feelings on paper as they live inside me. Basically, colored pencils are not the most obvious tool for realistic artworks, but despite trying other techniques, I could never achieve the effect I wanted with any other technique. And I didn’t enjoy the creative process as much as I did with colored pencils.

I use only the highest-quality art supplies to make my creations timeless. Quality and uniqueness are important to me, so whoever buys my drawings can be sure that they will get unique artwork that is one of a kind and will not be copied.

I am lucky because every day I can do what I love. There is no better feeling than seeing someone find joy in a piece that I made, put it on their wall, and make their day better.

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